Question: How do I find out about properties for sale in Silverado on the Brazos?
    Answer:  On our web page: www.silveradoonthebrazos.org, go to the Menu Item "About Us", tab down to Properties for Sale
Question: Who do I contact for general information that is not on the website?
    Answer:  Please send an email with your inquiry to hoa@silveradoonthebrazos.org and a Member of the Board will get back to you.
Question:  I'd love to tour around Silverado to what it's like but the gates are closed.  How can I get to look around.
     Answer:  You can contact a realtor who has one of the properties listed on our Properties for Sale tab; you can email through Contact Us tab to ask one of the Board Members to meet you and do a guided tour.
Question:  Are there horse boarding facilities in Silverado on the Brazos?
     Answer:  There are currently no public facilities offering boarding to residents or others.  All riding facilities, including the Silverado Arena, are private.  It might be possible for a resident without horse facilities of their own to board a horse with a neighbor.  Those opportuniites are rate.
Question:  Are there riding trails through Silverado?
    Answer:  Bridle paths were on the original development plan for Silverado but for a variety of reasons were never built.  However, there is a large area behind the Arena that has been accessible to residents and rider or hikers. Anyone  interested in exploring the area should contact an HOA Board Member for Access.  Be careful crossing the roads when on horseback, the pavement can be slippery for shod horses.
Question:  Can I offer non-resident friends access to the Silverado boat ramp and dock?
    Answer:  Access to the boat ramp, dock and picnic area is restricted to residents and guests when the hosting resident is present.
Question:  I understand there is a back gate to Silverado on the Brazos.  How can I access that gate?
    Answer:  Yes, there is a back gate.  However, the road to the back gate is private.  It is not part of Silverado on the Brazos' HOA and the gate is available only to a very few individuals expressly authorized by the properties' owners.
Question:  I'm new to Silverado and have a lot of questions about gardening, tree maintenance, housecleaning and social opportunities. Who can I ask?
    Answer:  We post all events on the Website calendar, on the Silverado on the Brazos Neighbors FB page (closed group).  You can email any of the Board Members by going to the Contact Us page and pick the Board Member of Committee Chair that you think will best answer your questions.  We also post a monthly Silverado Round Up Newsletter which will keep you up to date on goings on and who to contact.  To receive your copy of the Newsletter please ensure that you are registered on our website as the email goes to all active members.