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The Restrictions and Review Committee (RRC) is dedicated to keeping our community within the guidelines that make it a great and beautiful place to live. The RRC is comprised of five Silverado on the Brazos (SOTB) Homeowners.
Exterior improvements that enhance the appearance of our community and improve property value are encouraged, but changes that are poorly constructed or designed and are potential detractors are not allowed.
The association uses the RRC review process as a means of protecting our community's appearance and property values.
Using guidelines established by the Declaration of Covenants (DCR) and Development Design Standard, exterior changes must be approved prior to beginning construction by the RRC. This review ensures that fences, storage buildings, patios, pools and other types of exterior changes are consistent in quality and style to the rest of the community and they do not detract from the appearance and value of all residences.
Annual reviews are conducted by the RRC throughout the neighborhood to make sure that all modifications, changes and upkeep have been properly maintained and documented.
Both of these forms are required for construction.  Print both and turn in with prints to get project approved
Click here to download a copy of the Owner Construction Request Form
Click here to download a copy of the Construction Review and Checklist
Click here to download a copy of the Development Design Standards
If you are new to SOTB or just need information about drilling or operating your own water well system in SOTB, we would be happy to share some information with you.  Please feel free to contact either  Kirk Scoggins @ 214.244.9419 or Travis Thornton @ 541.968.7826.
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